Polaroïd Songs is a live music show created by the talented musicians Bertrand Beruard and Cédric Hanriot, and staged by french movie director Maxime Motte. 
During their tours, Bertrand and Cédric gathered musical colors from around the world to use as base material in the composition of original music pieces they then called «Polaroïd Songs».
I had the chance to work with them and make moving images from these musical travels to serve as backgrounds for the stage. I realized the illustrations and animations for each piece.
Enjoy !
Original music: Bertrand Beruard and Cédric Hanriot.
A taste from the live show
Recorded and edited by our friends at "What comes around Goes around"
"Postcards" from this musical
and visual travel diary
Here are less than 2 minutes long extracts from the animations projected on stage.
Thanks for watching !

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